7 Keys to Corporate Gift Giving

7 Keys to Corporate Gift Giving
Giving the perfect gift to clients, vendors, potential customers and employees can be daunting. But with some thought and planning it can be a great way for your company to stand out and be memorable.

It’s important to choose a gift with care since holiday gift-giving at the corporate level can be very beneficial. First, determine who you should be sending gifts to this holiday season. Although the list may be varied, it should include your best customers and preferred vendors. Many companies also give gifts to their employees this time of year and you might also consider sending a gift as a thoughtful gesture to prospective clients.

No matter your intended recipients, the list of reasons for giving can be extensive. Here are a few examples:

  • Gift giving enhances personal connections between the giver and recipient
  • It is a great way to reconnect with people you may not see regularly
  • It implies that you care about the relationship and reflects a level of generosity
  • It gives you a reason to reach out without asking anything in return
Before you start sending gifts, spend a bit of time planning to help keep your project on-track. Here are a few key considerations as you begin.

  1. Review the gift-giving policies of your company as well as the recipients. Some companies have policies regarding what type of gifts they can send or receive, as well as restrictions on the value. No one wants to have gifts refused or returned!
  2. Consider cost
  3. Choose a gift that reflects your relationship with the recipient
  4. Food gifts are a good choice for corporate gifts. They can be taken home and enjoyed with family and/or friends
  5. Presentation is important.  The packaging is part of the present
  6. Consider the timeline. Determine when gifts will be distributed and/or shipped
  7. Sourcing your gifts from the right distributor can streamline the gift giving process

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