STRIP STEAK - by Subscription Partner Angela K.

STRIP STEAK - by Subscription Partner Angela K.
We left these steaks more on the rare side than on the medium rare side. What is amazing about the quality of this beef is that even on the rare side the steaks are not bleeding a lot. 
With lesser quality beef I will make an umami sauce to top the steak, by:
  1. Mixing chopped anchovies, olive oil, fresh lemon juice, vinegar. 
  2. Then I top each steak or steak slice with chopped guindilla peppers and chopped Kalamata olives. 
But with the high quality of Shipley beef, I feel it is a shame to mask the wonderful taste of the meat with anything else.  I prepared them very simply:
  1. Took out of fridge about 1 hour before cooking to let them come to room temperature. 
  2. Dried then with paper towels. 
  3. Immediately sprinkled them with S&P. 
  4. Let them sit at room temperature for about 45 minutes. 
  5. Cooked then in a cast iron pan on an outdoor gas burner. 
  6. Added avocado oil to the pan and heated on high. 
  7. Added the steaks and flipped them constantly (the method I use for thicker steaks, so I don’t have to finish them in the oven, nor to risk for a burnt outside and a raw inside). 
  8. Finished the steaks in the pan with butter, crushed garlic cloves, fresh rosemary and thyme. 
  9. Took them out of the pan and tented them with aluminum foil to let them rest for about 15 minutes.
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