Ground Beef



Help us out!  We have a surplus of 5-pound frozen packs made for our restaurant partners - who are obviously struggling right now - great way to stock up and help us balance our inventory!
  • 1 pound packages - (individual 1 pound packages)
  • 5 POUND PACKAGES (Bundles in five, ten, fifteen and twenty 5 pound packages)

Ground blend of hamburger taken from chuck, shank, rib, and round cuts - a flavorful blend perfect for handmade burgers, it can also change your perception of meatloaf.

Comes vacuum-sealed and frozen for optimal flavor and quality.

All of our beef is raised on pasture in the Appalachian Mountains, farmed with "no shortcuts" - no steroids, antibiotics, or growth stimulants - and dry-aged for flavor and tenderness


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