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We're starting to run out of the most popular and familiar cuts - the ribeyes and filets and strips - but we still have stock of the more fun and interesting steaks and other cuts that are just as flavorful and fun to cook.
This box gives us the chance to build a box for you, drawing from some of our favorites and hidden treasures that make a great gift - cuts like the flatiron steak (Gray's favorite), the Chuck Eye (just like a ribeye, but lesser known), or others like skirt steak, flank steak, coulotte steak, and bavette steak, or maybe a roast or other cut in the large box.  We'll pick out our own selection of steaks for you, and finish out the box with our house-made sausages and ground beef added in.
Two sizes: 
  • $65 Farmer's Choice Gift Box will contain 3-5 selections (varies based on size and value) 
  • $120 Farmer's Choice Family Gift Box will contain 6-8 selections
Send your gift message in the notes and we'll add a customized Christmas card.  (We can also customize a price point for bulk gift orders - give us a call)
Each cut is vacuum-sealed and frozen for optimal flavor and quality. Sales tax, shipping and/or delivery are additional.