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 What started as R.G. Shipley's effort to record his life of stories has evolved into something even better.  Here By The Owl is the beginning of the story of R.G. and Agnes Shipley, taken on by Evan Peter Smith, a talented writer and storyteller who happens to be the great grandson of R.G.'s sister, Esther Jo.

Those around Watauga County and beyond who know the Shipleys and their farm will be fascinated by this account of the family's history.  Titled after the Future Farmer of America Advisor's ceremonial introduction, the story lays the foundation for R.G.'s secondary life passions for agriculture, education, in light of his most defining passion, Agnes, his wife of 71 years.

The simple love story of Virginia storekeeper's daughter and an Appalachian Mountain farmer takes on unlikely drama and intrigue in the context of a secret government mission in World War II and the trials, challenges, and fights for survival that this enduring couple face along the way.