March Madness 2020 Package


A Unique Beef Package for a Unique Season 

    March Madness has taken on a different meaning this year, and we are grateful to all who are reaching out to spport local farms and our independent restaurant partners who so badly need the help.  Thank you.

    For all those hunkering down to NOT gather with friends to NOT watch the games this year, this package has a variety of cuts to have fun cooking.  Stay tuned for others as well, and make the most of your time in sequestration!

    Package features our tri-tip, short ribs, a pot roast, and some shank for osso bucco (one of our favorites) - with an option to add some nutrient rich liver to boost immune systems, for those willing to try it. 

    And be sure to check the links to some recipes we really like:

    - 1 tri-tip roast, ~2 pounds 
    - Dinner roast, ~3 pounds (try the Mississippi Pot Roast)
    - 1 Pack short ribs, ~ 2 pounds
    - Beef shank for osso bucco, ~ 2 pounds
    - Option - add 1 lb of sliced beef liver (hint: soak in milk overnight)


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