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 1 pound packages Proper Meats Lean Ground Sirloin

Shipley Farms Proper Meats Ground Sirloin - our ground sirloin comes from the sirloin steak for a leaner and more tender grind, for those who prefer a higher quality grind, or recipes calling for a lower fat content.

Sustainably raised meat produced to the exact same standard of our Signature Beef, just without the earthy flavor that comes from dry aging.  This ground is made from our same Appalachian Grown, pasture-raised cattle. We use a all loin and sirloin cuts, creating a ground beef that you can feel good about.

What distinguishes our Proper Meats from the dry-aged product is that this meat is conventionally aged, so it has a different flavor profile, and requires less labor and trim in the production process so it's a bit more cost-effective to produce.


Comes vacuum-sealed and frozen for optimal flavor and quality.

All of our beef is raised on pasture in the Appalachian Mountains, farmed with "no shortcuts" - no steroids, antibiotics, or growth stimulants

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