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 Local author Jim Hamilton's novel captures the unique ginseng hunter's culture of the Appalachian High Country.  Jim is a friend of the farm and a talented storyteller, and this is a great read for a fall weekend sipping coffee on the porch in the solitude of the mountains.

"Considering my wheelhouse, I was slightly hesitant to read a novel based around foraging ginseng, but I'm so thankful I did... Hamilton is very much in touch with his inner Mark Twain and can tell a story, teach, and tug at strings in a reader's heart they don't even know exist yet.  I can see this book as a breakout for an insanely talented writer and I'm thrilled to be one of the people to see it happen first.  Don't just read The Last Entry. Get lost in it.  It's easy to do." - Brian Panowich, Award winning author of Bull Mountain