The "Lenny" Package


The package to silence the critics!  We put this together in honor of our friend Lenny.  We've put together a collection of some of our favorites, as a great starter package for those unfamiliar with our product, who want to try it out and draw their own conclusions.  And we're using what we sometimes call our "ugly steaks" - the good product that gets packaged oddly or frozen in a strange shape, or may be an odd size from what we normally sell - the stuff we sometimes have a hard time clearing out of the freezer.  Package Includes:
Thanks everybody for your support.  Thru April 30, $5 from each Lenny will go toward more food for our restaurant partners' employees, with food straight out of our freezer.  Hit our "Donate" link if you want to give more.
For the backstory on our friend Lenny:

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