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Enjoy the taste and benefits of pasture raised meat with our Curated Family Pack. Each box is packed with a rotating variety of cuts, including Steak and other beef cuts (Sirloin, Skirt, etc), Ground Beef, Burgers, Sausages, Roasts, Pork Ribeyes, and more.

All of our beef is raised on pasture in the Southern Appalachian Mountain region, which means the animals have access to fresh air and sunshine and are free to roam and forage. This results in meat that is richer in flavor, and more tender.

Our meat is also free of antibiotics and hormones, so you can feel good about feeding it to your family.

  • About 5-6 lbs of pasture raised meat cuts
  • Provides 12-15 servings in each box (~3-4 meals/month for a family of four)

Order your pasture raised meat box today and experience the difference!


Shipley Farms Subscription Box Terms and Conditions

  • 50% Off First Purchase: Subscribers receive a 50% discount on their initial Shipley Farms Beef Subscription Box purchase.

  • Cancellation Process: Contact us at beef@shipleyfarmsbeef.com to cancel your subscription. Please provide subscription details for a prompt cancellation.

  • Early Cancellation: Cancelling before 6 months incurs a fee equal to the initial 50% discount value.

  • Cancellation Timing: Upon cancellation, confirmation of the date and any charges will be provided.

  • Refund Policy: No refunds for shipped boxes or used subscription term.