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The Shipley Farms' Signature Huston Ribeye is our signature steak for a reason-it has a buttery smooth texture that is sure to please! This dry-aged boneless ribeye is well marbled which means it's going to be tender and tasty whether it's cooked on the grill or in an iron skillet on the stovetop.

The Shipley Farms Huston Ribeye is named for "Uncle Hus" (pronounced like Houston, TX).  Comes vacuum-sealed and frozen for optimal flavor and quality.


  • Dry-Aged Huston Ribeye, 16 oz
  • Dry-Aged Huston Ribeye, 20 oz

      All of our Signature Beef is raised on pasture in the Appalachian Mountains, farmed with "no shortcuts" - no steroids, antibiotics, or growth stimulants - and dry-aged for flavor and tenderness

      Have it custom gift wrapped in butcher paper and twine for gifts.

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