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Proper Meats

Shipley Farms’ ‘Proper Meats’ is our core product line, with meats coming from animals raised in North Carolina and across the mountains and foothills of the Southern Appalachians.

Our animals are raised and finished on pasture according to our standard of “No Shortcuts.”

Dry Aged Signature Beef

Shipley Farms’ ‘Signature Beef’ is our specialty line of No Shortcuts beef that we dry age - a process often seen only in high end steakhouses, yielding a uniquely tender texture and rich flavor.
All of our beef is raised on pasture in the Southern Appalachian Mountain region, which means the animals have access to fresh air and sunshine and are free to roam and forage. This results in meat that is richer in flavor, and more tender.

Subscription Box

Save with a subscription box, and enjoy pasture-raised beef every month! Pick up at the farm or at a designated weekly pickup spot around the High Country (coming soon!).

Ground Beef, Burgers, and Sausages

Sample our collection of sustainably farmed burgers, sausages, and ground beef, ready for the grill!

All Steaks

Search here for our full collection of Proper Meats and Signature Beef steak cuts


We offer a variety of Shipley Farms beef packages to suit your needs.